Thyroid has emerged as one of the biggest problems these days. Thyroid disorders arise due to the under or overproduction of thyroid hormone in the body. It is vital to restore their proper balance for normal working of the body. In hyperthyroidism, you need treatment which slows down the production of thyroid hormone in the body whereas, in hypothyroidism, there is a need for hormone replacement. Both surgery and drugs are used to adjust the hormone levels in the body. Our expert doctors offer complete food guidance so that a person can regulate his/her eating patterns. Herbal remedies along with some special exercises are used to relieve discomfort and improve the working of the thyroid gland. The doctors will pay heed to your thyroid condition, general health, age and other past medical issues before devising the course of treatment for you. It is easy to diagnose both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism with the help of a simple blood test but it is complex to treat the same with minimal medication and associated other diseases. Our specialists are expert in this field.

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